5 Reasons to Update Your Internet Browser

Uugh. I know updating your internet browser seems like such a chore, one you gladly let slide, but it’s an important step for security, internet speed, website viewing, aesthetics and web developer sanity.

Please consider upgrading to one of the following 5 browsers:

Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple SafariOperaMicrosoft Internet Explorer

Need some convincing? Read 5 reasons to update:

1. Security: If you had a faulty lock on your door wouldn’t you fix it?

A browser is like a lock between the internet and your data, if there is a flaw in the lock it needs to be serviced or replaced.

Consider a lock that opens with your key as it should, but also opens with any key that fits. If you only ever used your key then you wouldn’t know there was a flaw. Many think there is nothing wrong with their browser, but an old browser is like a lock that appears to be working correctly, but isn’t.

The developers of your internet browser put in the time and the effort to make new versions of the browser more secure and fix known flaws, even if you don’t know the flaws exist.

Updating your internet browser ensures that you have the latest in security and makes it less likely for you to become a victim of internet security attacks.

2. Internet Speed: If you’re in a race would you stay in first gear?

When the internet started it had one gear, html. Now the internet includes videos, images, user interactions and many other forms of media. Trying to load today’s websites with yesterdays browsers is like staying in first gear and trying to win a race, it can’t be done.

Old browsers were designed to handle old loads and old media types. New browsers are designed to load quickly and handle the media types of today’s internet.

Upgrading to a newer browser is going to speed up your internet browsing. Who would complain about that?

3. Website Viewing: If you have trouble seeing wouldn’t you get new glasses?

Old browsers have poor vision, not because they were designed poorly, but simply because the internet changes. As these changes are made the browsers need to update in order to “refocus” the html elements so they can be viewed correctly.

Changes to the internet are now being standardized, so that all browsers view the same content the same way. Internet standards are being refined all the time so that internet browsers know how to display html consistently. Updating your browser gives you the ability to view websites as they are supposed to be seen. Some of these changes also include new functionality and design elements which browser developers add every time they make an update. If you do not update your browser you cannot enjoy these changes.

4. Aesthetics: If you’re on a cruise would you view the sunset from a port hole?

As time has passed browser developers have realized the importance of aesthetics in the browser. Most importantly the unimpeded view of the website itself. When browsers first came out they were full of tools and buttons and all kinds of features that got in the way of you viewing the website you wanted to see. Now, browsers give you a larger viewing area of the website, rather than a cluttered mess of features.

This does not mean the features are no longer available, in fact there are a great many more features. New browsers give you, the user, the ability to add or subtract the features that you use and don’t use. So only the features you want are visible at all times, giving you a full view of the website, without any extra mess.

5. Web Developer Sanity: Help us, help you.

This point is simple and speaks to your bottom line. Older browsers view the internet differently than newer browsers. The more up-to-date your browser is the easier it is for your developer to create a consistent looking site for all viewers.

Currently developers have to code websites so that they are viewable in old inconsistent browsers and new consistent browsers (trust me this can be extremely frustrating). By eliminating old browsers developers can focus on making your website shine, rather than figuring out how to get old browsers to view new content. When old browsers are gone, developers will be able to make consistent looking websites much faster, which will in turn save you money on development.

A standards compliant internet, one built on current technology rather than old technology, will simultaneously lower internet service costs and increase internet service profits. That’s good for everyone.

This can only happen if most/every browser is relatively up-to-date.

Thank you for reading, please consider upgrading:

Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple SafariOperaMicrosoft Internet Explorer

Don’t know which browser to choose, read our article on Choosing the Best Browser (Coming Soon…).

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