The New Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) Are Here

The internet has gone through quite a few changes in the past few years:

1. Social Networks have become a stable position for small businesses to both market and create a web presence.

2. Responsive design has refocused web creators’ and owners’ attention back to what the internet is all about: content.

3.  The device-of-choice is shifting from PC to Mobile.

4. And now the “dot com” domain space has some new competition.

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Project 1: Mold Removal

ArtHouseI picked up the keys in Centralia and then headed over to the Art House – entering into hostile territory. I had to tackle the first (and worst) project before I could do anything else. Mold.

The previous owner purchased the home as an investment about a year ago, intending to remodel and flip the house, or perhaps rent it out for the rental income.  She lives in Australia, so I can’t imagine how she planned to handle the project long distance. As it turned out, she didn’t.  The home sat idle – no heat, no lights, no water – all the while, slowly deteriorating as the elements took their toll.  In time, the west side of the roof had developed a thick carpet of spongey moss, dripping in trapped moisture.  Inside, the entire west wall of the three bedrooms and bathroom became stained with the black smear of stinking mold.

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Google Search Results Show a Different Description


Why does Google show a different description for my search results than the one I provide? On my page I have specifically set the meta description tag, but in the search results on Google it is showing something else.


Google in its infinite wisdom and endless algorithms has decided that it is a better judge compared to you when it comes to your page descriptions.

This may seem off-putting, and it is to some degree, until you realize what Google is actually doing to guarantee the best results for your description. It uses its tremendous traffic and resources to test and determine what description will create the best click-through rate for your page.

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Welcome to the Art House

ArtHouseAt the top of my “bucket list” has been the purchase of an “art house”, a place where I could retreat in order to write, paint, meditate, create and dream.

I can now check that item off my list. 

On Feb. 6, 2014, the deed was filed in Thurston County, making it official.  The Art House is no longer a dream. Now it’s a reality.

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Death of the PC?

In the January 13, 2014 issue of Time Magazine, the editors asked this provocative question:  Are we watching the death of the personal desktop computer?  The question was precipitated by the steady decline in the purchase of desktop and laptop computers as consumers shift their buying preferences to tablets and smartphones.

2010 was the game changer when Apple introduced the iPad.  It was the same moment when the sales of PCs and smartphones were dead even, with sales at 340,000,000 units sold.  This was the peak for PCs, but for the first time in personal computing history, sales have started to fall, down to 240,000,000 by the end of 2014, while tablets will match those sales numbers.  On the contrary, smartphones are predicted to reach 1 billion units sold per year.  That’s four times the number of desktop computers.

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