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Direct Mail Marketing for Business

Postcards that POP!

Promote your products and services, include coupons to capture attention, announce discounts and specials, grab new customers!

Umbrella Graphics has teamed up with the United States Postal Service to bring you their Every Door Direct Mail™ Program. It enables businesses like yours to blanket an area with postcard mailers for as little as 16 cents per address! (For more information about how to participate in the Every Door Direct program, click here.)

We also offer Bulk Rate Mailing services if you want to use a "targeted list" (this is a mailing list designed to reach a specific demographic, such as businesses only, homeowners only, senior adults only, certain income levels, etc.)

Use the pricing charts below to calculate your costs. Sales tax not included in pricing. Postage cost is subject to change without notice.

Every Door Direct Pricing Click to Display

Deliver Methods:

Plan 1 - Delivered by You (no additional charge): The postcards are printed and delivered to your business. You separate the postcards into bundles of 50, affix the required Facing Sheets, and then deliver the finished bundles to the designated post office for mailing.

Plan 2 - Delivered by Us (additional handling charge): The business can request Bundling and Delivery Service to the post office (the service is for Western Washington only). Add up to 3 additional business days for this service.

$49 for up to 1000 postcards
$54 for up 1001-1500 postcards
$59 for 1501-2000 postcards
$64 for 2001-2500 postcards
$69 for 2501-3000 postcards
$74 for 3001 - 3500 postcards
$79 for 3501-4000 postcards
$84 for 4001-4500 postcards
$89 for 4501-5000 postcards
Ask for a quote for higher amounts

Estimated Turn-Around Time:

2-3 business days for artwork, 7 business days for print/delivery, 2 business days for bundle/delivery service to post office, 1 business day to distribute into mailboxes.

Total = Approx. 13 business days.

Bulk Rate Pricing Click to Display

Delivery Methods:

Plan 1 - Shipped to You ($10 charge): The Bulk Rate Mailing Service does not process mailing lists with less than 300 addresses. So, if an business' order is for less than 300 pieces, the postcards will be printed and delivered to the business' office. The business will need to label the postcards and use stamps or metered mail for postage.

Plan 2 - Mailing & Delivery Service: We contract with a local Bulk Rate Mailing service. You supply a mailing list (usually as an Excel spreadsheet) or order a custom mailing list from our Mailing Service. The Mailing Service CASS will certify the addresses, label and sort the postcards, and deliver the postage-paid postcards to the post office. Note: The Business will pay Umbrella Graphics for the printing and design; they will pay the Mailing Service for processing and postage.

Estimated Turn-Around Time:

2-3 business days for artwork, 7 business days for print/deliver, 2-3 business days for post office to distribute into mailboxes.

Total = Approx. 13 business days.