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5 Reasons to Update Your Internet Browser

Uugh. I know updating your internet browser seems like such a chore, one you gladly let slide, but it’s an important step for security, internet speed, website viewing, aesthetics and web developer sanity. Please consider upgrading to one of the following 5 browsers: Need some convincing? Read 5 reasons to update:

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Facebook Link Attachment Cache, What?

Q: When I am attempting to post a link to my blog/website on Facebook, Facebook doesn’t give me the option to use the images in my post from my newest article, why is that? A: Facebook has a cache of your webpage. Meaning that it stores information about your webpage for a given amount of […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Passwords More Secure

Here is a great tool that can tell you how secure your password is, try it out and then come back to finish reading: I am guessing you didn’t get a very good score. Well your in luck, I have written 5 tips to help you out.

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