Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is ideal for targeting a geographic farm.

Only 20 cents per address for postage.
Every Door Direct is a postcard delivery program offered by the US Post Office. Essentially, you are “hiring” a mailman to deliver your postcards “directly to every door” in his route (which is how the program received its name). The routes for each neighborhood have different numbers of addresses, so as you combine routes, the number of postcards you’ll need will increase accordingly.

Print Specifications.
The minimum size for EDDM postcards is 9″ wide by 6-1/2″ tall (other larger sizes are available).  They are printed full color on both sides on 14pt gloss cover with a high gloss UV coating – extra large and high quality!

Turnaround Time.
About 1 business day for artwork, 4 business days for printing, and 3 business days for shipping (a total of 8 business days), plus a few days to prepare and drop at the post office (the postcards are put into mailboxes the following day.)  The postcards can be shipped to you for bundling, labeling, and dropping at the post office.  Or you can use our optional Bundle/Delivery service and we’ll do all that for you (local delivery only).

Calculating Your Cost.
The pricing for EDDM postcards is based on the printed quantity of postcards needed to cover the number of addresses in your chosen delivery routes (plus the optional Bundle/Delivery service). Please call us for pricing at 253-951-3052 or click the button below to request an estimate.