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Branding is the Key.
Logo design requires the ability to capture your company’s identity using fonts, colors, and images. A well designed logo “tells a story” about who you are and the products and services you offer. It needs to be unique so that it stands out from the crowd and creates a memorable impression on those who see it.  You want it to inspire loyalty from existing and potential clients so that their identity becomes linked to your identity. It also needs to be versatile enough so it can be used in a variety of ways, for print media, social media, signage, wearables, and so on.

Six Types of Logos.
Logos come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, fonts, and color combinations. As we work together to narrow your focus, it helps if you can choose from one of the following design styles: Retro/Hipster, Modern, Monogram, Classic, Whimsical, or Hybrid.

The “hipster” style draws its inspiration from both the Victorian era and the future, often referred to as “steampunk.” It uses vintage icons, colors, and fonts that represent an “artisan” point of view.

Characterized by sans serif fonts, contemporary colors, and simple “industrial” icons, it presents a professional image of a modern company that is technologically savvy and cutting edge.

This style uses the initial letters of a person or company, reminiscent of embroidered handkerchiefs or shirt sleeves. Funky and fun or conservative and classic, use whatever elements that best tells the story of “you.”

This design style features traditional fonts, conservative colors, and nostalgic icons. Since it harkens back to earlier times, it conveys a sense of maturity, experience, reliability, trust, and longevity.

Whimsical logos are fun to look at. They often use hand-drawn “organic” fonts, bright colors, and sketchy icons. This style can leave a strong impression because it’s DIFFERENT – just like you!

Hybrid logos combine the best of modern design with more traditional fonts and colors to create a blend of old and new. Color palettes can be muted or bright and bold. Done right, it projects a creative image.

How much does a logo design cost?
The average cost of a logo is $195. This includes the initial design consultation, 3 rough draft designs, the opportunity to request changes to colors, fonts, etc. for one of more of the logos, plus 6 digital file formats upon completion of the design in both color and black and white (PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, and PSD).

How do you get started?
Submit our Quote Request form to initiate your logo design project, or you can contact us by phone at 253-951-3052, or by email at [email protected].  We’ll send you a brief Q&A questionnaire asking about your preferred style(s), colors, fonts, icons, etc. including samples you like.  Once we receive your reply, we’ll contact you for an over-the-phone design consultation.  Then we’ll get your payment information and get started on your design!